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For standing soirees our roaming menu allows fluidity throughout the affair, carefully executed smaller bites designed to be consumed whilst standing. Our sophisticated and elegant roaming menu allows creativity with tailored offerings to suit your occasion. Challenging traditional flavours and creating new and provoking combinations, our chic bites are executed with style and flare, with no compromise of flavour. 


Our roaming menus are suitable on their own or can be used alongside our other offerings.



20200724_COTE_1104 (1).jpg

Our bite offering is made up of tasty tummy-fillers that are more substantial than canapés - the perfect addition to any event.

Spicy chipotle chicken sliders - pickled cucumber and cabbage - DF

Sticky Mexican jackfruit sliders - carrot and black sesame slaw – DF/VE

Spicy tofu sliders – pickled cucumber and cabbage – DF/VE

Charred beef slider - smoked cheddar, pickle, American mustard

Smoked Kahawai slider, gherkin and caper cream

Waffle fries, kasundi aioli - DF

Polenta sticks, truffle and pecorino shavings – GF


Fuego fries – spicy thick cut fries, chipotle aioli – GF/DF/VE


Hot wings – Buffalo sauce, blue cheese mayo


Mini hotdogs – Caramelised onions, smoked cheddar, wholegrain mustard



From  $6 each - minimum of 50

Options depend on the quantity ordered. Terms & conditions apply.



No tables? No problem. Our bowls are designed to eat standing with just a fork. Showcasing premium produce with a modern technique ensure guests won’t leave hungry—the perfect addition to complete canapé service.


Fresh New Zealand snapper ceviche, taro crisps, coconut crumble – GF/DF/PES


Green matcha noodle salad, chilled prawns, ginger, sesame & tamari dressing – DF/PES


Blistered Spanish chorizo sausage, orzo with black olives, caper berries & feta


Rocket, pear, parmesan salad with toasted walnuts & Italian balsamic vinaigrette – V


Poached chicken & radicchio salad, grilled nectarine & creamy cashew dressing – GF/DF


Freekah, asparagus, mint & zucchini salad with pomegranate, pine nuts and lemon zest dressing – GF/DF/VE


Brown rice and sesame salad, red skin peanuts, soy poached chicken – GF/DF


Burrata, heirloom tomato, crisp ciabatta, basil oil - VEG



Bowls start from $8 each (minimum orders required)

terms & conditions apply.

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